Should I have transferred my Final Salary Pension?

For many people once they leave their employment with one company to join another company they are encouraged to transfer their pension which for many could be appropriate advice but for people whose previous employer offered then a Final salary pension and they were a member of that pension scheme this could result in bad advice if they have been advised to transfer their final salary pension.

This is not uncommon in the financial services industry and people are now looking into their retirement benefits more closely and discovering the advice they received to transfer their final salary was inappropriate and as a result they have lost out financially.

If you have had final salary pension advice in the past and are now concerned this may have been inappropriate then you need to get your pension transfer file audited as soon as possible as for many any compensation awarded could be life changing and allow you to live in retirement in a more comfortable manner.

Some people ask, I am already retired can I still have my pension transfer audited and the simple answer is yes if it is within 3 years of you becoming aware you may have been financially worse of as a result of the final salary transfer then you should get your case audited as soon as possible.

Other people ask, I have transferred my pension on more than one occasion can I still make a claim if the pension advice I received was wrong and again the answer is yes under the 3 year rule as stated above.

Some life changing amounts have been paid out in the past to people from various different occupations but the one thing they have all had in common was they were all transferred from their final salary schemes.

For anyone who has had this type of pension in the past then please get it audited as in most cases the advice you received at the time will have ben inappropriate and it is almost guaranteed that as a result of that advice you will have lost out financially for your retirement.

One of the main reasons people may not be compensated is if the final salary pension fund had a shortfall at the time of transfer then the transfer may have been justifiable but these circumstances are very rare in the UK as most of these pension funds have been reviewed and any shortfalls identified have had to be made up.

Final salary pension advice has not always been for the benefit of the client and the longer you worked from the employer then the compensation will automatically be higher as a result.

In the past we have helped many nurses and doctors in the NHS for being advised to transfer their pension and for being advised to take out FSAVC plans instead of AVCs with the NHS along with many other people with different employers.

If you have ever transferred your final salary scheme and would like to find out more information on how to get your file audited the visit as they have more detailed information on their website.



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Best Tips for 1st Time Buyer Mortgages

Getting the best mortgage deal can be a crucial point in your life. With tons of deals around, it is certain that you will be daunted to know that a wrong choice is inevitable. Most people are trapped with poor deals and no longer find it possible to switch. If you want to get the best deals yet you are a first time buyer, then you have to learn beforehand. There are tips for getting 1st time buyer mortgages that will put you in the right track of acquiring a deal that best suits your need.

Choosing the Best Home

To obtain 1st time buyer mortgages, you also have to determine what type of home suits your need. There are residential properties that are really great at first look, but will not provide you ease in the long run when it comes to payments. It is best to compare the pros and cons of a townhouse, single-family home, condo, or multiple-unit properties. According to the experts, it is best to settle with a home choice you can afford so that you will not have problems with cash flow in the long run.

Check Your Credit Performance

Your credit score will determine if you will qualify for a mortgage deal. Credit performance can also affect the cost of the loan according to financial institutions. You can get your free credit report from various monetary bureaus. Take note that your credit performance is not just about paying monthly in compliance to the minimum amount. Your credit limit and utilization ration also matter.

Determine the Mortgage You Will Obtain

It is important that you have an idea of how much mortgage deal you can purchase for your property. There are lenders who decide to provide you mortgage amount depending on your current income. However, there are still factors that can be attributed for this matter, especially now that the deal is long-term. Lenders often request for tax returns, bank statements, and recent paystubs among others.

Qualify Yourself for the Deal

If you badly need to acquire a property, you also have to qualify yourself for the 1st time buyer mortgages. You have to determine how much you can spend before the lender even declares the real amount. The experts estimated that not more than 28% of your income will be credited for your property. Nonetheless, for the back-end ratio, the debt with housing amount will be under 41% of your income in general. If you think the ratio us way too high, you have to determine what percentage you can afford. Determine the monthly payment you can spend to comply with the home price compensation.

Open Yourself to Recommendations and Consultations

The best 1st time buyer mortgages cannot be obtained alone. There are professionals that will give you honest reviews of deals you can consider. There are lenders that can tailor a plan for you so that you can maintain the investment until the deal ends. There are various ranges of 1st time buyer mortgages deal today so never forget to utilize the presentations available today both locally and online.


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The Benefits of Hiring “No Win, No Fee” Lawyers in Scotland

Hiring the services of “no win, no fee” lawyers in Scotland can help individuals who sustained an injury or injuries pursue their accident claims. Going through recovery after an accident can be very stressful, adding the fact that a lawsuit claim is in order. Such legal processes can take time and can be very expensive. Fortunately, a good number of lawyers in Scotland are offering “no win, no fee” services to help clients pursue their injury claims. Aside from the physical pain, worrying about earning money is always an issue, especially if the injury is limiting a person to work.

Initial Process

These “no win, no fee” lawyers in Scotland can file the said claim compensation on behalf of their client. This is very beneficial for claimants because they don’t need to worry about any financial risk. Said lawyers will listen to the client’s story and find out if an injury claim lawsuit is in order. Lawyers would then determine the injuries’ full extent, and also determines the just and needed compensation. The success of any injury claim highly depends on proper and detailed communication, discussing all details helps lawyers determine how and which is the best way to pursue any case.

Planning Stage

Once all the details are discussed, the lawyer would then advise the client on all the possible options they have. Lawyers would then discuss what would their next step be, and the expected value of compensation. The lawyers would then represent their client and pursue such injury lawsuits. The lawyer’s goal is to make sure that the client’s claim will be paid and the client would be well compensated for them to get back on their feet. Hiring locally practicing lawyers is a plus because they are well versed on the legal situation of the said area.

Guidance and Representation

Filing an injury claim can be a tiring ordeal if faced alone, but with the guidance and representation of good injury lawyers this won’t be an issue. Most lawyers practicing in Scotland are compassionate and understand what their clients are going through. These “no win, no fee” lawyers in Scotland aims to help clients in getting their just compensation.


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4 Factors to Remember When Getting Term Insurance Quotes

Trying to get term insurance quotes, there will be countless companies that you will be able to encounter during your search. Each of them can give you various kinds of obstacles and they can make your decision-making process more difficult. But with the right guidance and enough knowledge, it would certainly be simpler for you to get through every transaction that you need to face. And if you are what factors should be remembered when getting quotes for your term insurance, here are four for you.


When dealing with term insurance quotes, it is very important for you to deal with it with honesty and accuracy. This is something that you must remember when it comes to the kind of information that you will give to the companies or the private individuals who will try to give you quotes. If you really want to get the exact estimation of the insurance quote that you need, you must not filter information and you must certainly not fake any of the information that you will be giving them.

Reliability of Source

Of course, you shouldn’t trust just any company that you will encounter. Make sure that when you give your trust to an insurance provider, you already know how their company or their organization works. As much as possible, go over the comments and the ratings that their clients have given them. The same is true, even when it comes to the process of getting term insurance quotes. Spend your time and effort only in getting quotes from the most trusted companies or individuals.

Sufficiency of Knowledge

When you are trying to acquire term insurance quotes, you need to educate yourself about what you are getting and about how the entire transaction works. You should not allow any organization or company to take advantage of the fact that it is your first time to get insurance quotes and that you are still clueless about how things work. Do a research on the things that you must expect and be smart enough to give your trust to the right company.

Effective Comparison

Finally, it is very important that when getting quotes, you compare your choices effectively. You should consider all of the factors that can probably affect your decisions. Do not rush into grabbing the first deal that will be presented to you. Instead, take the time to see the pros and cons of every offer that will be shown to you. In addition, do not be limited with the quotes that seem to be the cheapest for you. Though you see deals that are a bit more expensive, take the time to explore them and see what makes them a better deal than the cheaper ones.

With the factors mentioned above, you should no longer worry about anything as you get the quotes that you need. So, do you think you are ready to face term insurance quotes with a smart mind now? Or do you still require a lot of clarifications?

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Things One Should Consider for Accident Claims in Scotland

Having accidents is inevitable. It is one among the many occasions of life that everyone will never get away from. There can be thousands of reasons behind an accident and it can happen to anyone in no definite time and place. That is why it is advisable to be always prepared. Nothing beats a person who is always ready. It can save you from more damages that come with accidents.

The Services Offered

Making accident claims in Scotland in particular can be easily achieved if you will have the right company to guide you. If you will just know where to seek proper help, you can have the chance to experience an excellent service provided for accident claims in Scotland. Services included in this kind of assistance include expert and professional lawyers who have the right training. They have been under an extensive training which can help their clients when faced in different situation and cases.

One is also guaranteed to have nothing but an experienced lawyer who is very much dedicated to provide every client an excellent assistance. This is only one among the many benefits that you can experience when asking for accident claims in Scotland. Regardless of the circumstances of your claim, the legal experts of your chosen company can fight for you to get the compensation that you deserve. Their experiences give them the required knowledge and strategies to help their clients with what their specific needs and situations.

From giving legal advice to fighting for your right, a professional lawyer will be with you all throughout. Aside from legal assistance, medical services will also be provided. The accident claims in Scotland exist so they can ensure that everybody can get what they deserve. Aside from getting the compensation every client deserves, this service is also known for being cheaper for it will not require you to pursue a claim.

Things to Remember

The following are the things that a client must always keep in mind when availing services for accident claims in Scotland.

  • Because of the numerous company that provides accident claims in Scotland services that it became very complicated for clients to choose the right one. You should remember that your case will depend on the expertise of the lawyer and the company you will choose.
  • Do not pay attention to myths and think everything depending on your situation and not because of what others say so. You should take the legal advice of your lawyer instead of a friend or your sister. Because at the end of the day, your lawyer is the one who has the needed experience and expertise to your situation.
  • You should remember that there is a time limit for your claim. That is why instead of being lax and taking things on your own, go and get a legal assistance who have the power to make things easier for you.

At the end of the day, you should be responsible when making decisions. It is very important to invest in a law firm that can really help you fight for your rights. You should be smart with your choices because being smart is what you need to get the compensations you rightfully deserve.


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What You Need to Know about Santander Pension Claim

Planning for Retirement


In your retirement plans, you should include the Santander pension claim. A lot of people like to spend their retirement for more than twenty years. We all have different plans when we reach retirement. There are those who want to move to another place to spend the rest of their lives. There are also others who plan on taking a lot of vacations and travel to different countries. We all have different plans for our lives and when you get a Santander pension claim, the company’s financial consultants will use their knowledge, skills, and experience to aid you in developing a strategy in order to achieve your goals for retirement.


A Wide Range of Services


If you are going to get a Santander pension claim, you will have a wide range of services to choose from. It is expected that people want different things once they reach their retirement years. This is why the company has provided and prepared different plans in order to meet your needs and goals.


The Traditional IRA


The IRA or the individual retirement arrangement is a typical form of an individual plan for retirement. This kind of plan is provided by many financial institutions. They will offer individual tax benefits for retirement savings. The contributions made are often deductible from tax. All the earnings and transactions made with a traditional IRA do not impact tax and the withdrawals made during retirement will be taxed as income.


The Roth IRA


For a Santander pension claim, it’s also a good idea to get a Roth IRA. It enables individuals to invest and save once they reach their retirement. If you are going to get a Roth IRA, you are going to make contributions through the money on which you have already paid taxes. This way, your money has the potential to grow free of taxes. Given that certain conditions have been met, it’s also possible to make withdrawals in retirement that are free of tax.


The Rollover IRA


With a rollover IRA, an individual with an employer-sponsored retirement plan, like the 403 (b) and the 401 (k), will be allowed to consolidate these plans into a single account that has tax advantages. The amounts rolled over might continue to increase tax deferred.


The Stretch IRA


This type of strategy for distribution has the potential to stretch the benefits that are tax-deferred of an IRA for the coming generations.




An SEP IRA will allow small business owners, their employees, as well as individuals who are self-employed to invest and save for retirement with very little burden.


The Annuities


With annuities, you can be protected from market uncertainties, like inflation rates, market performances, and even income streams. There are two types of annuities: fixed annuities and variable annuities.


With fixed annuities, the earnings are guaranteed at a rate on a tax-deferred basis for a specific time length.


With variable annuities, the clients are offered with the opportunity of an income that is lifetime that comes with the ability to get involved in the market.


With all the options you have, it’s only wise to get a Santander pension claim.


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Does Price Tag Matter To Buy Whole Life Insurance?

Achieve peace of mind. Buy whole life insurance.” 

This is not an advertisement you see on TV, not even a radio announcement you hear, but a wake up call you may want to give a second look.

For some people, they do not know that once they have bought life insurance, they cannot reduce, revoke or cancel it, unless in cases such as fraud and non payment.

Above all, whole life insurance is total security because it offers certainty for the rest of one’s existence.

What To Get When You Buy Whole Life Insurance

  1. Life protection is what you can get while you are alive and of which value is not to go down or expired.
  2. With it, you will get death benefit—an important component of insurance to benefit your loved ones.
  3. Once you are settled with the premium’s rate, it will not go up—forever.
  4. A certain type of investment is the kind of protection you will get when you buy whole life insurance because part of it will build up in cash value.

The Next Question, Is It For You?

There is no definite answer to it because every individual case is always different. When it comes to insurance, there is not such a thing as ‘one size fits all.’

What to do next to be on the right track is to understand you coverage goals, finances and age. You should choose or pick between term and life insurance based from your budget, one major aspect in the decision making process.

Of course, you will pay higher when you buy whole life insurance than when you buy term insurance.  Even though this is the case, you should know that both of which may give you the same coverage level, but not the period it would cover you.

In addition, picking your insurance may also depend on your coverage needed. For some guidance, you may want to visit some website authorities that feature an automatic insurance calculator. Although this may be helpful, it may still be wise to talk with a professional insurance advisor.

Although to buy whole life insurance can be up to eight times higher than term coverage, the cost should not be the only determining factor when buying insurance. As you may know, more than thirty percent of Americans do not have any life insurance at all.

Even if the cost is a big factor, you should balance your needs, so it may also apply if you would buy a combination of term and life insurance other than having no insurance coverage at all.

Without even saying, whole life policies offer you coverage and protection for your needs for the rest of your life. When in the right circumstances, the added cost may mean nothing when you experience its benefits.

There you have the main reasons you may be looking into more beyond the price tag when buying insurance. Perhaps, what’s the sense of insurance if it does not offer sufficient coverage when you need it? Think about it. Buy whole life insurance today!

Visit for the best quotes today.

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Ways on How to Get the Best Mortgage Deals Today

When you are in the market to get the best mortgage deals today, it is good to contact a lender. In order for borrower to acquire a correct rate for mortgage, it is important to answer the following questions first:

  • What do you plan to buy? A condominium or single family home? According to experts, borrower buying a condominium with loan-to-value ratio that is above 75 percent will pay a one-quarter percentage higher than the interest rate.
  • How much is the down payment? The interest rates vary in accordance with the loan-to-value ratio.
  • Will you be purchasing or refinancing? The interest rates can be higher on the refinance specifically when you will cash it out. When you will waive the escrow and pay the taxes plus the insurance, the mortgage rate is one-eighth of the one percentage point higher.

Once you’ve answered these questions, you are now ready for the next step: planning the best rates. Here are some of the tips you can use for the best mortgage deals today:

  • Build the baseline. Acquire a referral from a lender or from someone you can trust then contact the recommended lender to acquire credit scores then discuss the loan options. The lender can help you in comparing the conventional financing and Federal Housing Administration. This will help you create an informed decision on which loan terms and program you want prior to contacting other lenders.
  • Make a Decision when you will be closing a deal. The duration of time for the lock-in period will affect the mortgage rate. Hence, it is significant to discuss the close date with each lender and inquire about the charges on various loan-lock periods.
  • Contact different financial institutions. Different reasons affect the fluctuation of interest rates, which include occasional promotion for a specific loan product. For instance, some of the lenders are eager to make more purchase loans and offered with the best mortgage rates for the homebuyers.

The lender can present the difference in monthly payments and interest to assist you in making a decision to pay the points. Once you’ve organized all your financial information, you should follow the three steps to make sure that you acquire the best mortgage deals today.

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Get the Most For Your Buck! Getting Term Insurance Quotes Online

If you want the cheapest and most affordable term insurance, getting term insurance quotes online is your best option. Term Insurance is the cheapest and most affordable insurance product available. Buying term insurance online further brings down premium costs. Remember though that term insurance does not have a cash value and if you live through the duration of your term insurance, your beneficiaries will not receive any death benefits. This condition is what makes term insurance the most affordable protection coverage.

Why Term Insurance Is The Pure Protection

Term insurance simply means your beneficiaries will receive the lump sum amount you choose provided these two conditions are met:

  • You pass away while your term insurance is still in effect.
  • You are up to date with all your insurance premiums.


Outliving the duration of your term insurance brings good and bad news. The good news is you are still enjoying life with your loved ones. The bad news is your beneficiaries will not be entitled to claim benefits from your term insurance. Getting term insurance quotes online is the first step to securing the future of your loved ones during your income generating years in preparation for your death.

How to Get a Good Term Insurance Online Quote

 You know that the Internet is the best place to get the cheapest term insurance quote. The next challenge is getting term insurance quotes online that will give you the best value for your money. How do you do that? Shop around for the best online insurance quotes. Shopping around for term insurance quotes means, comparing quotes from at least three different insurance providers.

Comparing quotes does not only mean comparing prices. The easiest way to compare quotes online is to search for a website that provides quotes from multiple insurers. This will make things a lot easier for you.

Dos and Dos in Getting Term Insurance Online Quotes

It has been established that you need to compare online term insurance quotes before you click and buy.


  • Do Not Rush. One of the best things about getting term insurance quotes online is the fact that you can decide at your own pace. When you start getting quotes, do not rush. Take your time and study each quote.
  • Compare Apples to Apples. Make sure you are comparing term insurance using the same death benefit amount, term insurance duration and the type of cover (e.g. terminal illness and death).
  • Use the Phone. If you have any questions that you cannot find an answer on the insurance provider’s website, use the phone and talk to a real live agent.


When it comes to comparing online insurance quotes it always pays to be patient and meticulous. Be patient and shop around. Never tire of shopping around until you find at least three insurance providers with quotes based on your requirements. Be meticulous and read the fine print.

Although a life term insurance is a simple financial product with a fixed amount and a fixed term, it always pays to be knowledgeable of what you are buying. Getting term insurance quotes online is your best shot to getting the cheapest and most affordable term insurance quote.


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What Is A Pension Transfer And When Should I Transfer?

What is a pension transfer and how can you go about with the transfer? A pension transfer is transferring your existing pension scheme to another pension scheme which you deem more suitable.  Transferring your pension scheme to another one can be a complicated process so it is best that consult a financial adviser before doing anything.

When Should I Transfer My Pension?

What is a pension transfer and is it a good idea if you are a member of a lot of pension schemes and you would like to put them all under one pension scheme? Most financial advisers will say, yes. Some of the other reasons you may want to transfer your pension include:

  • Your present pension scheme is going to close.
  • You want to transfer to a scheme with cheaper contributions.
  • You want to transfer to a pension scheme with more investment options.
  • You dropped out of the State Second Pension or the State Earnings Related Pension, you have been invited to return and who are in a quandary on what to do next.

When Should I Not Transfer My Pension?

What is a pension transfer and what are the conditions where it is not a good option?  These conditions include:

  • Do not transfer from an occupational pension scheme to a private pension scheme. The pension scheme of your present employer is always the best scheme for you. Consider a transfer only if you have left your employer.
  • Do not transfer to another pension scheme from a public sector pension scheme even if you are no longer under their employ.
  • Do not transfer your pension if you are not willing to take risks.
  • Do not transfer to a personal pension scheme without first checking on the death benefits of your former scheme. You may end up needing to pay a life insurance.
  • Do not transfer to a new pension scheme if you only have a small amount of money. There is a 5% charge for a transfer. This is the commission of the financial adviser.
  • Do not transfer to a private pension scheme if the pension in your former employer’s scheme depends on the value of your fund at retirement. This means your employer’s scheme is already a private scheme.
  • Do not transfer if you less than 10 years away from retirement.

Pension Transfer Pitfalls

What is a pension transfer and why should you be correctly advised and guided by a professional adviser? You should be well-advised because if you do not do the transfer right way, you stand to lose thousands of pounds. Choosing the wrong pension scheme to transfer could cause permanent damage your pension plans. You could stand to lose most of your valuable benefits or you could be slapped with huge exit penalties. Some pension companies offer huge bonuses when your retirement date finally comes. If your pension scheme has this feature, transferring could cause you to miss out on this opportunity.

Most transfers come with a 30-day cancellation period. The danger though is your previous pension scheme may not be willing to take you back your money. When you do some research on what is a pension transfer, make sure to weigh your options with utmost care.

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